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Peru reserves to the most aventurous spirits, souvenirs that they won't forget before long. Homecountry of brilliant civilizations, Peru still carries the remain of their time. From grand cities facing the ocean to villages sculptedin the heart of the mountains, we tend to feel as an explorer, lost in the middle of these great landcapes.
Nature's spirits will also take part in the journey. You'll have the occasion to discover an exceptionnal biodiversity, from the peruvian coast to the Amazonian Selva, passing the high andean plateau.


Time difference

Time difference between Europe and Peru is of - 6 in winter and - 7 hours in summer. There is no time difference with Canada.


The official language in Peru is the castilian (spanish). However, you will during your stay, hear other languages like Quechua, the most spoken language in Peru before the colonisation.



The currency used in Peru is the Sol

For your information :       

1 euros = 3,4 Soles                                             1 Usd = 3.08 Soles 


Tips ( La propina) 

In Peru, it isn't mandatory to leave tips, however, it is normal to leave some change at the end of your meal in a restaurant, if , of course, you judged the service particularly good. In some restaurants, the tips are mandatory, it's the case in the higher class restaurants but also in the Machu Picchu Village (Aguas-Calientes) where it's mandatory in every restaurants! It corresponds to 10 % of your bill. 

During your trip you'll have the occasion to meet several local guides with whome you'll spend one or several days. In this case it is recommended to give them 7 to 10 soles for everyday and each person at the end of his service.

In a similar way, you might be travelling in private transports with your own driver. It is customary as well to give him tips when departing!



For you information, here are the prices of some every day life products and services that you might want to know:


- Restaurants: 

Prepare your mouth, you will eat very well in Peru! Depending on what you're looking for, several options are possible.


The Menús: You'll find menús everywhere, in little family restaurants, very simple, where you'll get to taste the best Peruvian dishes. Between 10 y 14 soles.

The gourmet restaurant: Lima has become the new gastronomical capital of South America, with some peruvian restaurants among the best referenced in the world. It will however be necessary to book well in advance and be ready to pay about 100 euros. Among those high rated restaurants, we have Gaston y Astrid : 




or  Central




-A coffee: 1 soles approximately


-A water bottle: 2 soles for a little bottle and 5  for a big one


-A traditionnal lama doll: 20 soles


The climate 

As explained higher up, Peru is a very diversified country, which is why during the same time period you'll be able to find different climates depending if you're staying on the coast, in the Andes or in the Selva (Amazonia).

Peruvian coast

The hottest period of time is from december to february, the temperatures are generally in between 25 and 30 degrees. During the coolest months ( from june to august), temperatures go from 15 to 20 dregrees celcius.

The Andes

From december to april, temperatures go from 20 to 25 degrees celcius, but nights are a lot cooler. From june to october, it's the dry season, you'll then enjoy a nice and sunny climate!

The selva

From december to april is the rain season in the Selva. But from june to august, it's dry season, the temperature are very hot then and it's very sunny.

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