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Bolivia, border country of Peru, will delight you just as much with its incredible landscapes.  From La Paz to Atacama, passing through the famous Uyuni salar, there will be wide and vast free open spaces surrounding you all along your jouney in Bolivia.

Time difference

In Bolivia you will have to add one more hour  to your clocks coming from Peru. When it is 3pm in Peru it is 4pm in Bolivia.  (Bolivia : UTC/GMT-4).


The language 

Just like in Peru, the official language is spanish, but still you will be able to hear some bolivians speaking Queshua.



The national currency is the boloviano - Bs. 

For your information:

                        1 euros = 7,80 Bolivianos

                        1 Usd = 6,92 Bolivianos      


The budget

Bolivia is one of the cheapest country in south america to travel through.

To give you an idea, here are prices of some everyday life products. 

A meal  in a good average restaurant, 100 bolivianos for a substantial one


A 2 liters water bottle 4,5  Bolivianos


A fresh orange juice sold in the streets for 3 Bolivianos


A typical Bolivian sweater  100 bolivianos

The climat

Like in Peru, the climate in Bolivia varies a lot from one region to another. For example, during an excursion in the Uyuni Salar, nights are cold, temperatures vary from 10 to 15 degrees celcius, except from june to september where they go from 4 to 12 degrees.

In La Paz, the temperatures are rather chilly all year long, around 11 degrees celcius. On the opposite, at Copacabana (border with Peru) and in Amazonia, the lowest temperatures are 20-25 degrees celcius. It's important to prepare your luggage knowing all this! Leave room for sweaters and socks next to your shorts and tee shirts, they will come in handy!






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