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4000 km long and 200 km wide, no other country have similar dimensions! Chile offers an unbelievable quantity of diversified landscapes: austral territories, glaciers, geysers and lunar landscapes in the Atacama desert, the driest desert on earth. 


Time difference

There are two hours more in Chile compared to Peru! (UTC/GMT -3 and -2 in summer).


As in Peru and Bolivia, the official language is spanish. You'll also be able to hear some Chileans speaking Queshua or Aymara up north.



National currency is the pesos chilenos (CLP)

                        1 euros = 743.54 Pesos

                        1 Usd = 662.38 Pesos   



Chile is a bit more expensive than Peru and Bolivia.


For your information, here are prices of some everyday life products you might need: 


Meal: in a good restaurant, a complete and substantial meal: 25000 CLP per person

A water bottle: 1000 CLP 

A traditionnal souvenir: between 6000 and 12000 CLP 

The Climate

Chile, compared to other countries in South America, has very different types of climates depending on the regions. The north of the country is very arid and the temperatures are temperated while in the south the climate is polar, very humid and cold. The center of Chile, has a mediterranean kind of climate with dry and hot summers and cold and humid winters. The seasons there are opposite to Europe' seasons ! When it is summer in europe it is winter in South America. Once more, you'll need a little bit of everything in your suitcase, sweaters, shorts and tee shirts!






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